Military Cadences App Reviews

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Only lyrics

Remembering the time in the army, downloaded but it is just lyrics. Damn.

A Small Step on the Right Direction

For 99 cents I expected to hear the cadences called out. Please add this feature. I want to play a loop while I run.


It has a lot of variety but it needs audio for it to be fully worth the 99 cents

Everything I needed to get out there and sing

This was perfect for the little refreshers I needed to call some cadences. Most of us remember part of these cadences, its just remembering all the lines when your out there and to not look stupid. If you need to actually hear the tunes than you are probably too inexperienced anyway, most cadences go off of a few similar tunes as it is.


This app has already paid for itself in spades. I have received several complements after learning these cadences and trying them with the platoon. If you like this one you should also try this developers army study guide app. A+++++

Lyrics only!

I was very disappointed to find no sound, only lyrics. Please add in the future otherwise this should have been a free app.

Not worth it

No sound cmon

Add cadence

Add napalm sticks to kids, best Jodi ever

Sweet deal

Cadences are great. Some of them however are tough to figure out when marching. Beats are sometimes off too. Other than that though its very helpful If it came with the tune itd be perfect

Totally bummed...

This app need to have the Gunny singing so you can run and SING ALONG and not just the words. WHEN you add this feature it would totally be worth the buck. Maybe I will make one with a platoon actually singing. Oooh maybe R. Lee Ermy would be the lead ...

Needs more unicorns

Ill give you five stars, but you need more unicorns.

good, but bareley worth it

needs the songs

dont buy

all of these are teribly wrong and off


Dude! Really?!!! No sound?!!! Really.

No Sound!

No Sound! Even if this app were free I would delete it off of my phone…you are wasting my time.


No sound - easy of time and money

Cadence App.

Audio would make it a better app. To do PT.

Lyrics arent correct...

The lyrics werent correct on half. The selection was very limited. And it could use a little more thought if I have to pay for it. The app should be free for what you get.

Marines review

These are nothing how they actually go. At least not for the marine corp

Not described enough

The developer didnt make clear if it ha audio or not (there isnt). Waste of $0.99.

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